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Wisconsin Society of

Emergency Services Instructors

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F. Y. I.:

Employment listings can be found under the "Events" tab.

The Wisconsin Society of Fire Service Instructors (WSFSI) was formed in 1962 to serve the needs of fire instructors in our State. Now renamed Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors (WSESI),

the Society assists local instructors through the exchange of ideas, dissemination of information, and the presentation of seminars and conferences. All of this is geared toward helping fire and emergency services instructors in their personal development and assisting them in bringing quality education and programs to their own agencies.

Please tour our site and learn more about how WSESI can serve all of your instructional needs. Your questions and comments are always welcome.

W S E S I NEWS BRIEFS – August 26, 2021




Western Technical College -- Public Safety Training Center, Sparta, WI.

The following NFA courses, originally scheduled for the 2020 Weekend, will be offered:

F0729 — Incident Safety Officer

F0602 — Shaping the Future

F0722 — Health and Safety Program Manager

F0457 — Decision Making for Initial Company Operations

As in years past, we will be on hand to assist.

TO REGISTER: Visit the Wisconsin Fire Education & Training's NFA Weekend webpage:

This link will also be accessible through the WSESI Events page .


2022 ANNUAL CONFERENCE – Call for Presentations: only a few days left – The proposals for Track A / Instructor Development presentations can be accepted on our Conference webpage – alternately, proposals will be accepted via email (presenters can use our Contact Us page) to request a proposal form – either method will continue to be accepted through August 31, 2021.

 PLEASE HELP – If you (or a colleague) have attended a presentation you feel is worth being made part of our Conference program, and you have retained any contact information for the presenter, PLEASE consider inviting that presenter to submit their proposal(s), which they can do by visiting the Conference webpage.


THIS JUST IN from our friends at the Wisconsin State Fire EMS Memorial – You are invited to be a part of a special 9-11 Memorial Service at the Wisconsin Firefighters and EMS Memorial in Wisconsin Rapids. The program is titled, "SOLES FOR SOULS". We hope to have 351 pairs of shoes to place on the walkways of the Memorial for a 12 noon service to reflect and honor those that perished on the second day in infamy--September 11, 2001. The 351 pairs of shoes represent the 343 FDNY members and 8 EMS members of other services that were killed on 9-11-2001. The shoes should be new OR slightly used to share with our veterans at various locations.

It is the organizers' attempt to have our service concluded prior to 1:00 pm so attendees can get home prior to their local evening programs.

We will be asking for participation in our Silent Auction or donations to be made to help offset the cost of extending the Wall of Honor.

A PDF copy of this information will be posted on our Events webpage.


Fire Protection Publications (FPP), publishers of training materials from the International Fire service Training Association (IFSTA), has released a new textbook, Introduction to Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response, First Edition (IFSTA Item #36190), by Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, John B. Delaney, Jr., and Michael John Marino.

This book outlines the current best practices in dealing with an active shooter / hostile event (ASHE), including threat assessment, emergency response, agency coordination, and post-event recovery. The manual addresses NFPA 3000™, Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program.

Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors (WSESI), as distributor of FPP materials, receives complimentary copies of this and other titles, which you may request for review by contacting [email protected] .


Effective September 1, 2021 – Price adjustments for our in-stock textbooks and training materials will be made; based on the suggested retail listed by our publishers at mid-year. Shipping to Wisconsin address will remain the same: zero!


We regret to announce that with the depletion of our last stock of NFPA 1, Uniform Fire Code (2012 Edition) that our tenure as distributor of NFPA materials has come to an end. Changes in the threshold quantities required to maintain wholesale purchaser status has left us unable to continue.

Clearance Basket and Mystery Box – Beginning September 1, WSESI will post its virtual Clearance Basket in the Webstore Lobby page of our website:

New old stock, out-of-print titles, and distressed merchandise will appear. Check the basket for details regarding availability of these items for Explorer and youth programs!

On the Shop Now! Page, watch for the WSESI Mystery Box – one bargain price, packed with our choice of a variety of clearance titles. This item will also be available through phone and email ordering.


Emergency Care & Transportation of the Sick & Injured (EMT) by AAOS -- WSESI has begun to receive requests for the 12th Edition of this text; however, anyone in a class that has designated the 11th Edition, PLEASE call or email for a special price on this title! Feel free to inquire about our First Responder (EMR) manuals as well.


WSESI, as long-time distributors of textbooks and related training materials, are glad to offer prompt and responsive service to technical colleges, responder agencies, and individuals.

Please call 920-235-5494 or email [email protected] . Thanks!

COVID-19 and FIRE SERVICE EVENTS – Although many commercial activities are beginning to resume, WSESI will continue to monitor events and programs of Wisconsin’s Fire / Emergency Services organizations throughout the year ahead. Please be encouraged to advise us of any of your agency’s / organization’s plans for events in the coming months, or any changes you are aware of. Thanks!

WISCONSIN FIRE EMS LEGISLATIVE LEADERSHIP COALITION (WFELLC) has been on hiatus since Stay-at-Home measures have affected the legislative activities in the state, among other considerations. Watch our News for updates on resumption of Coalition efforts.

Any member wishing to become active in our advocacy of public policy issues should contact President Jim Austad, or WFELLC delegates Jim Flanagan or Kevin Gerarden.

Having trouble downloading documents? Call 920-235-5494 to request a paper copy of any Society forms or documents, or email your request to [email protected] .

NEXT BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 – via teleconference (unless otherwise announced).

Contact your Board members with any agenda items.