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Wisconsin Society of

Emergency Services Instructors

   Photo Gallery

The Vault The Vault ESI Class presentations 201353209 'The Flashover' -- 1983 The front page of our Society newsletter, published the year before our Annual Conference moved from April to February. 187662776 A candle, a glass, a swatch of metal screen... illustrate some of the concepts presented. 199465523 Life Member Art Scola Art Scola received a Life Membership at the Friday evening social -- 2016 Annual Conference. 201353210 'The Flashover' -- pg. 2 187662777 Randy Sellnow and John Erlandson from Madison College. 199465503 ESI Class -- 2016 The WSFSI Emergency Services Instructor class of 2016. 201353211 Annual Meeting Report 1983 187662778 ISFSI Course Instructor Forest Reeder with Eric Johnson from Green Bay. 199465505 Rib Mountain FD From Wisconsin Trails Magazine -- 1988 -- WSFSI's own Bob Pound (white helmet in hand) poses with Rib Mountain firefighters and equipment. 200057114 Meeting at the Mead The WSFSI Board of Directors meets at the last Annual Conference held at the Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids. 206701384